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When my car is stuck and I need a winch out service, what should I do? Sterling Heights, MI ? Don’t panic, it happens to all of us from time to time. When you’re driving down the road, it’s easy to go into the ditch, get stuck in the mud or sand, or bump into that curb out of nowhere. If you need help getting unstuck on the Internet, be cautious. It is possible for everything to go smoothly, but when you cannot avoid a tow truck, you can rely on our reputation of excellence

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Experience the best winching service. We have 2 Roadside Technicians available to work together to minimize further damage during winch pull outs. A good pull isn’t as easy as it looks. It’s easy to hook and yank, but how does that affect your vehicle? If one Tech drives the car so that they get a sense of what’s going on, while another works the controls, you can rest assured that your sticky situation is handled by professionals.

In order to minimize damage, our team is experienced, resourceful, & goes the extra mile.

To get you back on the road, we go the extra mile.

The vehicle can be winched or winched out if it becomes stuck in mud, sand, uneven pavement, or on a small barrier like a curb. A standard winch service requires that the vehicle is not more than 50′ from a paved surface. Off-road conditions will require a 4×4 tow truck to help you reach your destination.

How should I deal with my car getting stuck in the mud?

You should assess the situation before calling a tow truck company for winching service, so that you can provide as much information as possible about the location and conditions of the vehicle.


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Does a winch out mean the same thing as a recovery?

Usually not. Most often, a winch out is required to get the vehicle back onto a solid or paved surface after being stranded in an unaccessible area. The vehicle must typically be recovered when it is hard to reach and cannot be pulled to a paved or solid surface with a winch cable. Recovery may involve the vehicle overturning, having to be upended before it can be winched out, or sliding down a steep embankment. Additionally, a recovery will cost more since time, special equipment, tools, and an additional tow truck will be required. Give LDC Towing & Wreckers a call today.


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