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LDC Towing & Wreckers provides 24/7 towing and roadside assistance to get you and your car to safety. With our friendly, professional drivers and the best prices, you can’t go wrong. The experts can help if you’re stranded with a disabled vehicle.

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When you need a tow, you’re clearly not in the best mood. No matter what you do, it’s not going to make you feel better. Whether your car is experiencing mechanical problems or you’ve been involved in an accident, we can provide you with fast, professional assistance. Towing of light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles can be handled by our wrecker service. A professional team of tow truck experts has years of towing experience. No matter where you are, we have a driver who can reach you. We will come to you to fix almost any automobile issue you may be experiencing. Let our expert drivers tow you to your destination if you need one. You shouldn’t stay stranded on the highway or leave your vehicle overnight. You should contact LDC Towing & Wreckers immediately so that we can assist you.

The different types of tow trucks

Wrecker – If you search for other companies, you will almost certainly come across the term “wrecker service.”. As ominous as it sounds, “wrecker” is simply another term for a tow truck.

Boom – Basically, any truck with an a-frame, telescopic, or other type of boom falls into this category. It is very beneficial to use a boom when a car is parked in an area that is hard to reach, such as a ditch.

Wheel Lift – The trucks that use a yoke to lift one end of the vehicle off the ground and cradle the wheels of the chassis of the vehicle belong to this category. Heavy and medium trucks usually lift the chassis instead of the wheels of the vehicles they tow.

Integration (also called Repro Trucks and Self Loaders)

This is the most common image people have in their minds when they think of tow trucks. Integrated trucks feature booms and wheel lifts, usually as part of an apparatus controlled from within.

Flatbed – Trucks of this type have a bed that can be tilted up and down so that vehicles can be loaded either by being pulled up with a winch or by driving up under their own power. Flatbeds are used to transport vehicles that owners want to keep as safe as possible. A vehicle that is severely damaged can also be moved away from the accident scene by these vehicles.


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Apart from our affordable prices, we think you should choose us because we’ll do our best to make you happy. Towing companies that truly care about their customers are few and far between. Our goal is to be friendly and attentive when you call and to understand what you need.
Our team strives to get you a tow truck as quickly as possible, even if that means referring you to another towing company. Our goal is to give you all your options when it comes to how to proceed with your car, even if it means we make less money. Our goal is to keep you from spending your money on unnecessary repairs or other services. Customer satisfaction is important to us, and not just because it’s a good way to run a business. It makes it much more enjoyable to come to work, as well as the right thing to do. We feel much better if we can put a smile on the face of each of our customers at the end of the day.

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