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At LDC Towing & Wreckers, we offer 24/7 emergency assistance in all weather conditions. We realize that you may need our assistance at any time and that’s why we provide it.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

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Best Roadside Assistance IN STERLING HEIGHTS, MI

Whatever the time or weather, rain or shine, or even snow, we pride ourselves on helping our clients through these difficult times. There are times when being on the road in Sterling Heights, MI can be unpredictable, which is why you need a tow company that can handle the unexpected. Here are some of the roadside assistance services we offer.

Dead Battery

Dead batteries can be one of the biggest problems you can face with your car. Obviously, it is essential for just starting your car, never mind driving it. Our technicians will respond to your call shortly after you place it, so give us a call if you experience this issue. Our technicians will come to you and give your battery a boost so you can get home safely. The voltage of your battery can even be measured by our technicians.

Locked Out

Locking yourself out of your car can be extremely frustrating because it comes up to everyone at some point. It may be that you rush to get to work, or you have so many things going on that you didn’t even realize you locked your keys in the car or worse, you lost them. You can rest assured that we work on problems like this all the time, and we resolve them effectively and in a timely manner.

Flat Tire

One of the most deflating things in life is getting a flat tire. When you are cruising along, enjoying your day, you feel a bump and hear the audible sound of air leaving your tire. A new tire may not be a problem for some of us when we use the spare. For most of us, that’s best left to the professionals. Our office can send someone to your location in minutes and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Our tire change rates are affordable and efficient.

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No Gas

Nothing is more frustrating than running out of gas far from a gas station. Gas stations may be located as far away as 5 miles from your current location, making the walking distance as far as 10 miles. Moreover, this requires you to walk in the heat, rain, or snow. Additionally, you have to leave your car unattended, as well as your valuables, while you go to the gas station. It is natural for a person to avoid travel unless it is absolutely necessary. It is great about us because we can bring gas to you and you can sit in your car, protecting it, while we transport the fuel you need to get you to your destination.


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