Heavy Duty Towing

Those clients who do not have traditional small vehicles and have larger, wider, heavier vehicles use our heavy-duty towing vehicles. Using different vehicles allows us to compensate for the weight or bulk of the vehicle being moved. The following subheadings provide more information about the types of equipment we move.

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Big Rigs

Big rigs can be towed by LDC Towing & Wreckers. Besides having the equipment to move such types of vehicles, we also possess the necessary skills and experience to do this type of work with the highest level of precision. Since these are expensive vehicles, handling them improperly can result in major damages. Therefore, safety becomes an even bigger concern with this kind of work than it is with other kinds of jobs.


Towing a bus presents a unique challenge because of its shape and length, just like towing a big rig. Our technicians pay special attention to the amount of weight that is being towed. They ensure that the buses are not only secure during transportation but also stay secure during the transportation process. Our technicians also take into account the ability of the tow truck and bus to maneuver together. To ensure the safety of others on the road, it is important to transport the vehicle to a garage or repair shop.


We can also accommodate your needs if you have a trailer or motor home to move. Because we understand that a trailer is your home, we treat these jobs with extreme care and respect for the property inside. A client’s satisfaction is mandatory in our line of work, and we don’t want to cause anyone’s home or property any harm.

Construction Equipment

Construction business owners may also inquire about moving any equipment they may have. Whatever equipment you need moved, we are able to do it efficiently and quickly. There are always jobs to be done, so we know you must reach them. In order to avoid damage to your equipment, or delays in delivery to your next job site, we guarantee to move as quickly as possible while following proper safety procedures.

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Cranes are another type of equipment that we move, and they are the most challenging because of their shape, weight, and size. Even small mistakes during transportation can be deadly. So our technicians have been trained in such a way as to prevent such a thing from happening. Our experience allows us to move heavy equipment without a hitch, so we are the best choice.


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